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Article prepared by James Broom, former Lockhart Garratt placement student, for the Royal Forestry Society, Quarterly Forestry Journal, January 2017 Vol 111 No. 1

Forestry student James Broom reflects on his industry placement experiences and career development

Over the last year I have been fortunate to undertake a paid forestry industry placement with Lockhart Garratt.  As a company Lockhart Garratt began as a forestry consultancy back in 1998.  Since then it has expanded its breadth of services and now provides a range of environmental planning and forestry advice in: arboriculture; ecology; landscape and green infrastructure; minerals and waste restoration; digital mapping and graphic design.  I have been working primarily with the forestry and woodland management team.  There has also been the continued opportunity to undertake work within the other elements of the business.

Figure 1 – Constraints and other factors that influence a forestry consultant’s year

The placement year has formed the third year of my four-year Forest Management BSc degree from the University of Cumbria.  My first two years of university has given me a good grounding in forestry but undertaking this placement year has really progressed my understanding of the lowland commercial forestry sector – including business skills, which aren’t taught in the lecture theatre.  In this article I will explain the experiences I have had this year and how they have helped improve my forestry knowledge and career development.

Figure 1 summaries some of the constraints and other factors that influence the work undertaken by a forestry consultant throughout the year.

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