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On 2nd November 2020 the Woodland Creation Planning Grant was launched.

This grant, aimed at landowners, land managers and public bodies (other than Forestry England) can apply to the Forestry Commission to support the design of new woodland under the grant.

Applicants can apply for £1,000 to complete stage 1 of the Woodland Creation Design Plan Template, a desk-based exercise to identify the constraints and opportunities that may affect the proposed planting.  If there’s potential for woodland creation to take place on the site, then you will be offered a stage 2 payment.  At stage 2, you can receive £150 per hectare minus the £1,000 offered at stage 1, to complete stage 2 of the Woodland Creation Design Plan Template.  You may get supplementary payments for specialist survey work if a need for them is identified at stage 1.

If your application is under ten hectares in size, a minimum payment of £500 for stage 2 will be made.

The total amount of funding is capped at £30,000 per project.

To find out more information on this grant and whether you are eligible visit, or alternatively contact our forestry team on 01536 408840 /

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