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We have recently verified for certification under the UK Woodland Carbon Code (WCC).  All three projects are based in Northamptonshire and Leicestershire and comrpise 21 ha of new, predominantly broadleaved, woodland planted between 2011-2013.

The process of verification involves a field survey at each project site to assess the health and growth of the trees and recording the outcome in a Progress Monitoring Report PMR.  This process follows Forestry Commission best practice to ensure compliance with the UK WCC.  This field survey took was undertaken in late summer 2018 and by our forestry consultants, Rob Stockley and Richard Daniels.


WCC Survey (Image 1)

Once the PMR had been completed this was sent to an independent verifier for auditing.  There are only two verifying companies in the UK.

These projects remain certified as meeting the UK WCC for the next ten years with the 2nd verification due in 2028 by which time Woodland Carbon Units WCUs will have been generated, representing tonnes of carbon stored as the wood grows.

These WCUs are available for purchase by companies looking to voluntarily offset their carbon emissions.

Verification of projects takes place every ten years.


WCC Survey (Image 2)

We have several more registered projects approaching validation and we are in the process of registering schemes planted in 17-18 and 18-19 into the UK registry.

If you are thinking of creating woodland or have done so recently, and it was planted less than two years ago, and are interested in getting the project certified with a view to earning extra income from the sale of WCUs, then please contact Matthew Willetts or Rob Stockley.  We are also able to provide a project developer role in preparing projects for validation and verification.

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