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In article prepared for ACES Terrier John Lockhart (Chairman) explains the importance of an effective programme of woodland creation and management, highlighting what opportunities do exist for property professionals.

When placed in context of the challenges posed by the C-19 pandemic of the last 6 months, the 2019 election now seems a lifetime away. With the UK facing an anticipated second spike at the time of writing, and many regions facing additional restrictions and possible lockdowns, it may seem ill-timed to consider the opportunities around woodlands.  However, despite all the distractions, woodland creation, the environment and climate change remain at the heart of the government’s policy agenda.


The pandemic will pass, but trees and woodlands will continue to play an important part in our future, offering potential across a range of areas as articulated in the consultation on the England Tree Strategy (1), which focused on achieving a step change in woodland creation and on improving management.


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