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With the strong winds throughout the night and expected for the rest of today we would recommend checking any trees that are within falling distance of public areas as soon as practically possible (probably after the winds have subsided!).  This includes; property and roads.  If you have no arboricultural experience or aren’t sure what to look for then please get in touch.

Just before Christmas Arboricultural Consultant, Stephen Westmore undertook a drive-by survey on behalf of a client to assess if any of their roadside trees had been damaged from the heavy snows.  This type of survey provided a cost-effective and efficient approach for assessing a very large population of trees along very busy A and B roads and meant the damaged trees could be dealt with in a swift manner.

It isn’t always possible to predict, if or when, trees might fail.  However, at Lockhart Garratt Ltd we have a team of experienced and competent arboricultural consultants that can help you manage the risks associated with trees.  We can provide expert advice, undertake baseline surveys or help with the development of bespoke Tree Risk Management Policies.

If you need help meeting your duty of care obligations in regards to tree risk management then please contact any of the arboricultural team (

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