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Following recent strong winds now is the time to check the trees on your farm and estate to identify any potential hazards/risks before its too late.

Anyone can undertake the initial inspection, but if you identify any areas for concern then our team of experienced Arboricultural Consultants are here to help.  We can help provide you with a wide range of tree safety advice, from a basic inspection and summary report to a full tree risk management policy that provides an auditable trail and detail on the long-term management of hazardous trees.

Our advice is designed to adhere to industry best practice, HSE Guidance, and with the guidance provided by the National Tree Safety Group publication, ‘Common Sense Risk Management of Trees’ (2012).

We can also provide support with the budgeting, tendering, contract management and supervision should you require operational works to be undertaken to rectify any hazards.

Contact our arboricultural team now on 01536 408840 /


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