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The last three months have seen a marked increase in prices paid for all grades and species of timber.  There is very strong demand and now is a great opportunity to bring forward timber parcels for marketing.

Marginal parcels or low grade timber?  Biomass material is also commanding a more attractive price, presenting a perfect opportunity to manage those areas of low-grade material and to turn a profit.  A good example of this is poplar chip material, which is now fetching around £10 per tonne on larger parcels.

Hardwood firewood is in demand and prices can vary from £18 to £25 per tonne standing on smaller, motor-manual sites and around £27 – £28 per tonne standing on mechanised harvesting sites.

Traditional products are attracting excellent prices with recent examples of conifer logs around £55 per tonne standing, bars £24 per tonne standing and softwood chip over £21 per tonne.

There is continued demand for quality hardwood logs and prices continue to reflect this.  Products not to be forgotten include Ash Hurley grade timber and Cricket bat willow.  We are seeing prices standing range from £180 – £220/per cubic metre.

For any further information on the planning, implementation and management of woodland operations, and to explore how you might be able to generate revenue from your woodlands, contact our forestry team on 01536 408840 /

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