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The twin factors of the Renewable Heat Incentive and the weak pound have maintained prices for chipwood and milling timber at historic highs, such that most thinning operations will offer a return.  As such it is an excellent time to be returning to manage any hard-to-reach stands and make sure they are in good shape for the next decade.

There is a good demand for most grades of milling timber, particularly oak but also ash, walnut and cherry.  The fundamentals of a strong sale remain the same: involving specialist markets at an early stage in the process and timing the operation to protect the value of the timber and the condition of the site which is to bring on the next generation of trees.  Whether ash frames for sports cars or fine veneer sycamore for violin backs, we can ensure your timber reaches the right markets at the right price.

Lockhart Garratt is currently preparing timber sales across the country – please see our timber sales calendar for details or contact our Forestry Team on 01536 408840.

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