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Lockhart Garratt are proud to be involved in a ground-breaking new venture to help meet government and global tree planting targets by securing substantial additional funding for landowners.  Working in conjunction with other leading forest industry companies, the Forest Canopy Foundation is developing a blended finance model that draws down on both government and corporate sources.

Historically, woodland creation in England has been shrouded in red tape, lost capital value and a lack of incentives for landowners to offer land, resulting in poor planting rates and falling far short of targets as a country.  Woodland cover in England is only 10%, compared to a European average of 34%, yet woodland creation has been identified as essential to sequester carbon and meet the Government’s Net Zero target of planting 30,000 ha of trees annually by 2025.

The Forest Canopy Foundation (FCF) is a not-for-profit organisation driving to increase woodland creation at scale across England.  It utilises the vast experience of independent, private sector forestry companies who passionately believe that the only way to achieve the goal is to work together.  The FCF combines public and private finance with landowner interest and covers the length and breadth of England.

The FCF facilitate high-quality planting, with every woodland covered by a 25-year maintenance contract to ensure maximum CO₂ sequestration and healthy, strong trees – planted for longevity, not for numbers. Landowners are compensated under the scheme and all woodlands and planting partners are fully audited and verified by Grown in Britain to ensure successful growth and efficient carbon sequestration across all projects.

Our Aim: 

Our  Values:

Transparency, Reliability, Visionary, Effectiveness and Professionalism

To plant and maintain well-planned quality woodlands in England, to mitigate climate change and add natural capital to our national resource.

Small/medium private sector forestry companies: we would love to have you on board as a delivery partner.

Landowners: please register your interest and we can talk you through the process.

Philanthropists/corporates : if you want to donate money for tree planting or carbon sequestration, please come and talk to us about how we can help you.

For further information and to discuss how you can be involved contact Justin Mumford 07977 560 198 /

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