Assistant Ecological Consultant

  • BSc (Hons)

[email protected]

01608 697 657

  • Natural England Great Crested Newt Licence (Class 1)
  • Protected species legislation and mitigation options
  • UK Amphibian and reptile surveillance and mitigation options
  • Protected species survey and habitat assessment (in particular for herpetofauna)
  • Ecological supervision of works
  • Field project management and client liaison
  • Data management and literature review
  • Ecology and conservation research
  • Publications: Salazar RD, Montgomery RA, Thresher SE, Macdonald DW (2016) Mapping the Relative Probability of Common Toad Occurrence in Terrestrial Lowland Farm Habitat in the United Kingdom.

Sarah enjoys spending time outside watching wildlife and taking part in practical wildlife habitat management and creation. Sarah has worked with horses for many years, enjoys travelling, running and working with children.

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