Assistant Ecological Consultant

  • BSc (Hons) MSc

[email protected]

01536 463 205

Currently Furloughed.  Please contact Jo Alderton on 07971 349 801 in his absence.
  • MSc in Geography; BSc in Wildlife Conservation.
  • Experience in Preliminary Ecological Appraisals (PEA), Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW), and protected species surveying: bats, great crested newt, reptiles, water vole and badger.
  • Background in tropical herpetology, with several scientific publications.

Ryan is an experienced herpetologist having worked extensively with lizards and snakes in previous roles and continuing to do so as an active member of the British Herpetological Society.  Ryan is also a keen amateur entomologist and enjoys expanding his knowledge of flora and fauna generally.

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