Ecological Consultant

  • MSc PhD

[email protected]

01608 656 178

  • Great crested new licence holder (class 1)
  • Bat licence holder (class 2)
  • Experience surveying buildings and trees for bats
  • Ecological supervision of works
  • Ecology and field biology research
  • Providing ecological advice to statutory and non-statutory organisations
  • Publications and presentations:
  1. Carr, A., Zeale, M., Weatherall, A., Froidevaux, J., Jones, G., 2018. Ground-based and LiDAR-derived measurements reveal scale-dependent selection of roost characteristics by the rare tree-dwelling bat Barbastella barbastellus. Forest Ecology and Management. 417: 237-246
  2. Young, S., Carr, A., & Jones, G. 2018. CCTV enables the discovery of new barbastelle (Barbastella barbastellus) vocalisations and activity patterns near a roost. Acta Chiropterologica. 20: 263-272
  3. Carr, A., Zeale, M., Weatherall, A., & Jones, G. 2017. Roost selection by a rare tree-dwelling bat at different spatial scales. Oral presentation at the 14th European Bat Research Symposium. Donostia. Available at:
  4. Carr, A., Weatherall, A., Zeale, M., & Jones, G. 2017. Woodland management and forest-dwelling bats. Oral presentation to the woodland bat technical advisory group for the Bat Conservation Trust. London.
  5. Carr, A., Zeale, M., & Jones, G. 2016. The Barbastelle in Bovey Valley Woods. A technical report prepared for the Woodland Trust. University of Bristol. Bristol. Available at:

Andy has recently finished a PhD which investigated the impacts of woodland management on bats and their insect prey.  Andrew has also worked as an Ecological Consultant specialising in bats since 2010.

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