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Lockhart Garratt are pleased to support the pilot of the Sustainable Farming Initiative; the first component pilot for the evolving Environmental and Management Scheme. This incentive will allow farmers to take a fresh look at the land they farm, the natural assets that they have and decide what will work best for their own individual holding. It will recognise the value of some of the natural assets that were dubbed ‘ineligible features’ by the CAP.  In particular it is excellent to see on-farm woodland forming one of the “standards” for the pilot.

Defra is looking for “several hundred farmers” in England to take part in the pilot of the Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI), paying them for producing public goods – such as improving soil health and hedgerow management – that go beyond regulatory requirements.

Farmers taking part will be able to select from an initial eight standards to build their own farm agreements, helping to promote greener landscapes, cleaner air and water, and guarding against climate change and flooding.

These eight standards are as follows:

  • Arable and horticultural land standard Payments of £28-£74/ha
  • Arable and horticultural soils standard Payments of £30-£59/ha
  • Improved grassland standard Payments of £27-£97/ha
  • Improved grassland soils standard Payments of £6-£8/ha
  • Low and no input grassland standard Payments of £22-£110/ha
  • Hedgerow standard Payments of £16-£24/100m
  • On-farm woodland standard Payment of £49/ha
  • Waterbody buffering standard Payments of £16-£34/100m

Full details can be found on the website 

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