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Swallow nest

With spring upon us now is the time to plan in your protected species surveys.

Our ecology team is fully trained and licensed in working with most protected species, and can be trusted to deliver practical and innovative solutions to small or large scale projects nationwide.  To discuss you surveying requirements contact us on 01536 408840 /  


Mid-March to Mid-June: Great Crested Newts – This is the optimum time to survey for Great Crested Newts (GCN) as this is when they move to the ponds to breed. If your proposed development is close to a potential newt pond it is recommended that surveys are undertaken to ensure no GCN are present. If GCN are present then specific protection measures and possibly licences will be required to undertake the proposed work. This is to ensure that the legislation protecting this species is complied with.


March – August: Nesting Birds – Nesting bird checks are required when works are likely to impact on habitat suitable for nesting birds. All active nests, eggs and young are protected by law. A nesting bird check will determine if any active nests are present and buffer zones to protect any active nests can be created until the young have fledged.


March – June: Reptiles – This is the optimal time to carry out reptile surveys due to increased activity of reptiles as temperatures begin to rise. Areas of rough grassland, brownfield sites, scrub mosaic and wetlands are all suitable habitat likely to support common reptiles such as grass snake, common lizard and slow-worm.


Our full ecological survey calendar can be downloaded here.

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