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The Forest Canopy Foundation (FCF) is a not-for-profit collaboration of private sector forestry companies who have joined forces under the Foundation’s umbrella to demonstrate technical rigour and excellence in woodland creation.  The FCF recognise the pressing need to dramatically increase woodland cover in the UK in line with government planting targets – 30,000ha of new trees each year until 2050 – to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climatic change.

To plant quality woodlands that provide a host of natural capital benefits, FCF are striving to bring together landowners, foresters, and corporate/philanthropist investors to deliver woodland creation schemes at scale.  FCF are working with fellow not-for-profit Grown in Britain as their independent auditor to certify forestry providers (Expert Providers), audit scheme designs and verify ecosystem services provided.  FCF have already signed off on their first major scheme and hope this will act as a model for others to follow and learn from in the future.

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