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On Friday 21 January 2022 we were delighted to announce the coming together of Nicholsons and Lockhart Garratt.

By combining two of the industry’s most experienced service providers in landscape design, forestry and environmental planning, we can now offer a unified high-quality service to all of our clients, integrating consultancy advice with contracting support, providing continuity and reassurance for plant supply, resources and materials.

With a combined 65 years of experience in the sector, Nicholsons Lockhart Garratt is the result of a union between Nicholsons who provide high quality landscaping, forestry and arboriculture services and Lockhart Garratt who are industry leaders in environmental planning, forestry, ecology, arboriculture, soils and landscape architecture consultancy.

Uniting two successful businesses will create a unique provision within the industry, offering end-to-end services and expertise of the highest quality within one cohesive team, from planning support through to landscape delivery.

All existing client and service relationships will be strengthened through enhanced resources, innovative thinking and a wider service offer.

The expansion comes after the businesses worked together to develop the not-for-profit Forest Canopy Foundation (FCF), a partnership of professionals from the forestry industry leading the way to help address climate change by focusing on woodland creation and management across England.

“Having collaborated so successfully on the FCF project, it became evident that our two companies had a great deal of cultural synergy and complementary expertise.  The combined business will deliver an invaluable suite of joined up services, supporting clients from project inception through to the final sign off and long-term management,” comments John Lockhart.

Maximising the opportunities and meeting the challenges posed by sustainable environmental management is at the core of Nicholsons Lockhart Garratt’s shared values and vision.

“Nicholsons’ 40 years of expert contracting experience perfectly complements Lockhart Garratt’s impressive track record in industry leadership, influence and professional stakeholder relationships. We are stronger together – which undoubtedly benefits our clients and the industry itself,” comments Liz Nicholson, Managing Director of Nicholsons.

With over six decades of experience between us, both companies work to solve landowners’ and developers’ problems, ensuring the best outcomes of any project. With our shared positive culture and extensive range of experience across the sector, Nicholsons Lockhart Garratt aims to be a significant force for change, influence and support in the environmental planning and forestry industries.

All staff are extremely excited about the merger and look forward to working within the new teams, sharing ideas and building on their knowledge and skills to better support our clients.

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