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We are always looking at how staff develop, recognising both their personal and professional career development and look forward to announcing promotions.

This May (2020) we are delighted to announce four key promotions.

Alison Saunders and Rachel Jackson concluded their Graduate Training Programme with their final presentation to the Board and Business Unit Mangers.  Both presentations were thoroughly researched, very informative and extremely well received, leading to their promotion from Graduate to Assistant Ecological Consultant.

Over the past few months Samantha Hodgson has very successfully taken on greater, higher level responsibilities to better support and manage the ecology team and service its client base.  Her promotion to Senior Ecological Consultant is no surprise, and very well-deserved.

Our final promotion has been awarded to Robin Truslove who over his 18 year career at Lockhart Garratt has continued to build on and strengthen his personal and professional development, as well as developing a whole new Soils Survey & Advice service.  We are therefore delighted to announce that Robin has been promoted to Principal Consultant.

Congratulations to you all.

Alison Saunders promoted to Assistant Ecological Consultant

Rachel Jackson promoted to Assistant Ecological Consultant

Samantha Hodgson promoted to Senior Ecological Consultant

Robin Truslove promoted to Principal Environmental & Forestry Consultant

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