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Daniel Small on site trialing the new GPS system

Lockhart Garratt are currently trialing a new GPS (Geographical Positioning System) device, the SX Blue II receiver, supplied by Positioning Resources. This device sends location information to a tablet via Bluetooth, it can be accurate to less than 60cm whilst out in the field and with post processing it can be accurate to less than 5cm.  Within Lockhart Garratt we use GPS technology along with our GIS (Geographical Information System) software in all of our business units.

Our Practitioners could be:

  • plotting an area for new woodland planting;
  • recording individual tree health data;
  • locating badger sets; or
  • recording the location of fixed point photography for a Landscape visual assessment.

The use of this technology saves our clients considerable time and therefore money, as we can confidently and accurately record, or plot spatial data efficiently.

If you think you, or your clients could benefit from this cost and time saving of using our GPS technology, contact our team on 01536 408840.


Article prepared by Daniel Small, Assistant Forestry Consultant 

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