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Managing Director, Justin Mumford presented at the recent RFS/Confor ‘Making Woodlands Pay’ conference.  The conference was held at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire, and is supported by the NDG James Memorial

Justin spoke on the changes which have been observed in woodland economics, including the rise in the value of firewood and the increase in diversity of income stream from woodlands looking beyond timber to non-timber products.

A broad scope of topics was covered by a range of speakers.  Key themes included reducing risk by increasing diversity, and delivering quality products to the market.

Sir Harry Studholme of the Forestry Commission gave an insightful overview in which he noted that China’s own timber production will decrease when a ban on logging in their natural forests comes into force at the end of 2017.  Oliver Coombes of Timber Auctions noted that post Brexit positive impacts will likely be realised in early 2017 as import prices increase, in addition to demand for good quality timber.

Energy markets continue to offer opportunity for low-grade material and demand is expected to increase throughout the UK.  The overriding message was the need to challenge conventional thinking.


If you would like to receive a copy of Justin’s presentation please contact Victoria Sherbourne on 01536 463200 /

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