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Congratulations to Andy Poynter, who this month (November) was promoted to Principal Arboricultural Consultant.

Andy only joined LG in February 2019, and already has accomplished so much within his role as Senior Consultant, not least the production of Lockhart Garratt’s ‘Sunset for ash trees?’ Advice to Clients booklet.  A 12 page guidance document on the balanced approach to the management of ash dieback.

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Andy also supported LG early in the year with three Tree Health and Risk Management Workshops, and is keen to undertake further workshops to share his knowledge and educate others on the risks and management associated with trees.  If you feel that this may be of interest to you or your team, please do give Andy a call on 01536 408840.

Andy is currently recruiting for an Arboricultural Consultant to support him with his increasing workload around the country, and more recently France, to build on the already extensive skill set of the arboricultural team.  Details of this vacancy and the application form can be accessed here.



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