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Whiting Landscapes – Ellistown, Leics (May 2015)

A new community woodland


Lockhart Garratt designed a 6 ha new community woodland as mitigation for a 30 ha logistics park. Soils stripped from the main development area were being formed into the external banks of 3 new balancing lagoons within the planting site. In Spring 2015 it was found that the silty / clayey loams had been placed deeper than anticipated and handled in wet conditions, causing water‐logging.

LG requested that work be postponed for a minimum of 2 weeks to allow the soils to dry.  A rip of the area was then supervised, using a 1.2m tooth on a 360 excavator arm, working backwards out of the site. After a further 2 weeks of dry conditions, the surface was sufficiently dry to support a D6 to sub‐soil to 500mm depth. Within a further 1‐2 weeks, the soils were now sufficiently well drained to mobile a tractor with low ground pressure tyres to seed the area.

Despite the challenges, LG were involved early enough in the process to recover a good standard of ground preparation and that investment has paid off, with the 60‐90cm transplants adapting well to the site and growing to 2m height in year 3.  

Key Features

  • 3 new balancing lagoons within the planting site.
  • 60‐90cm transplants grew to 2m height in year 3

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