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Comprehensive Aftercare Reporting

Client: Viridor

Viridor’s core business is the large scale transformation of waste, from recycling of resources to generation of energy. The company is part of the FTSE 250 Pennon Group PLC and serves local authority and corporate customers from their 320 sites across the UK. Lockhart Garratt Ltd (LG) have supported the Recycling & Resources Team on their operational and aftercare sites in the South East, South West and North West since 2007.

Viridor’s Horton Landfill site in Sussex was restored in phases from 2011 to 2015. LG assisted from the outset, with specification of the woodland and grassland creation for planning approval and have managed those assets during aftercare alongside existing woodland and tree health and safety. LG have continued their involvement into the formal reporting and monitoring process and have sought to ensure that this supports a cost effective and robust management strategy.

The local Mineral Planning Authority have maintained a close interest in this site and require detailed feedback on soil condition, vegetation establishment and maintenance actions and on medium term strategy for land management.

Working with the client we have developed a simple and robust structure of bespoke survey and reporting tables for woodland (survival, growth, protection, weed control) and grassland (density, height, species, bare ground) to allow efficient capture of data whilst on site. Soil samples are also taken for lab analysis.

horton-3The tabular presentation of the data alongside the soil results allowed specific 12 month actions to be added in a final column. LG comprehensive understanding of land management enables us to apply cost effective mowing and weed control measures to fit within the client’s aftercare budget. The tables are also suitable for tendering and securing any required contracting work, thereby minimising duplication and providing a very efficient, transparent and cost effective solution.

LG’s provision of a comprehensive service allowed Viridor to take forward the maintenance actions in a single over-arching maintenance contract which led to a reduction in their in-house management time and provided confidence to Site Managers and to the Local Planning Authorities of effective husbandry of the developing woodland and agricultural asset.

LG understands the importance of strong communication to streamline the presentation of survey results and the importance of working to our clients’ core objectives.

For help with rationalisation of planning commitments and survey for either design or management purposes, call Robin Truslove on01536 408840.

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