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The Warren, Abersoc, North Wales – Creating a soft landscaping design scheme

Designing amenities into a sensitive coastal habitat


Lockhart Garratt was commissioned by Haulfryn Group Ltd to provide a soft landscaping design scheme for a beachfront Bistro complex at the sandy beach resort of The Warren in Abersoc, North Wales. 

This innovative design includes: a green roof to the Bistro populated by coastal plants, locally sourced rock which ensures the infrastructure is in-keeping with the local area, while also providing tidal defence. The design also considers the successional stages of the sand dune system and supports a sand dune re-establishment programme where invasive species are removed and new planting will including native coastal species, such as Marram Grass and grading into native scrub and woodland to the rear of the sand dune system.

This project involved meeting the client on site to discuss the proposals for the Bistro and gather a thorough understanding of the context of the site and the setting, to discuss and identify any constraints and opportunities that could affect the soft landscaping design.

The next stage was to develop a concept proposal, which is a hypothetical design, which the client and architect review and provide feedback on. Once the concept proposal was agreed then the proposal was developed into a robust Landscape Design plan.

As part of this project, our Landscape and Green Infrastructure team worked closely with our Ecology team to ensure that the plans were ecologically sound within this sensitive coastal habitat. Our team also worked with the Local Authority Biodiversity Officer to ensure broader conservation and landscape objectives were met.

Key Features

  • An ecologically guided project;
  • Remained respectful of the AONB designation;
  • Complimentary to the sand dune setting;
  • Provides a tasteful and relaxing space; and
  • Resilient to tidal floods, salinity, strong winds, and other abiotic conditions that could affect the quality of the landscaping.

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