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LVIA, Landscaping Scheme & Green Infrastructure Supporting Statement

Client / Site: Pye Homes / Sutton Courtenay

We have supported Pye Homes Ltd on several development projects. One such scheme was a planning application of 34 residential dwellings on greenfield land in Sutton Courtenay, near Didcot, Oxfordshire.

We were brought in at an early stage of the design process to assist in the landscape elements of the development. This initially commenced with a full evaluation of the potential impact that the development was likely to have upon the landscape through a full Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA).

lagi-1The results were then fed back to the design team to ensure an element of “designed-in mitigation” was emplaced to minimise the effects arising from the development. We worked closely with Pye Homes to ensure that the landscape design reduced the potential visual impact through screening and filtering views, and offered maximum green infrastructure benefit. Public areas were planted with fruit trees for the benefit of the residents, and play spaces utilised simple tree trunks and earth mounds to encourage imaginative play. Elsewhere native trees of local provenance were planted to improve the overall biodiversity value of the site, and non-natives were included for long-term security against changing climatic effects. Simple shrub planting was used to dress the street scene and compliment the architecture.

The Green Infrastructure Supporting Statement presented how the open space of the development interacted with the existing local green infrastructure, including public access and biodiversity networks, natural processes, heritage and culture. Due to the lack of identified green infrastructure network on a regional scale, the report also identified the existing assets and showed the relationship they had with the site.

These three separate bodies of work ran parallel to each other to form a document trinity which presented the baseline landscape condition, the potential impacts (before and after mitigation), the landscape design and the impacts and benefits to the green infrastructure network.

Pye Homes Ltd was granted planning permission and the site is currently under construction.

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