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Development of Interpretation Signage

Client: Mace Ltd
Mace Ltd was responsible for the construction of the Horizon Centre, an industrial unit on the Priors Hall estate. We were approached by Mace Ltd to help formulate a suite of community engagement opportunities in relation to this development. Mace’s key objective was to benefit local community groups, including residents, schools and community projects.
Using local knowledge and experience of similar projects we were able to develop and present several opportunities for Mace. One of these projects was to design and create ten themed interpretation boards covering a series of subjects ranging from ecological to historical.
“It is vitally important that Mace, as a business, engages with the local community in some way so that they are aware of who we are and that we do have an understanding of the disruption that large construction sites, such as ours, can bring to a community. We very much hope that by having this dialogued the locals are able to view us as approachable and understanding neighbours who will react to feedback, where at all possible.”
Karl Barr, Mace Ltd

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