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Kettering Borough Council, Desborough West – upholding planning refusal

It’s all about the evidence


One of Lockhart Garratt’s strengths is the diverse range of planning and environmental services that we offer all within one company.  So, when Kettering Borough Council was seeking an Expert Witness Case Study as part of a planning dispute, they turned to Lockhart Garratt. The project involved submitting landscape evidence to support the refusal of planning permission for a new residential housing development comprising 147 homes and associated use on pastoral land to the east of Desborough in Northamptonshire.

As a first step, we undertook a full Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment. This identified that the proposed scheme would result in the loss of character of a rural valley, breach an existing stream corridor that forms a natural and defensible geographic boundary to the settlement, and would adversely affect the important amenity of Public Rights of Way users.  These findings were used to prepare a Proof of Evidence that challenged the scope and findings of the appellant’s landscape evidence and upheld the refusal of planning permission.

Armed with evidence and research, at the public enquiry, we were able to argue successfully that whilst the appeal site was not located within a ‘valued landscape’ and therefore did not engage paragraph 109 of the 2012 National Planning Policy Framework, it would nonetheless result in substantial landscape and visual harm, which would outweigh any benefits.

Key Features

  • Breaching of existing natural boundary identified as basis of case
  • Lockhart Garratt’s expertise successfully used to argue that the development would result in damage to the landscape
  • Expert landscape support ensured that the inspector dismissed the appeal

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