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Getting to grips with your Tree and Woodland Challenges

Client: Ibstock Brick Ltd

Ibstock plc is the UK’s largest manufacturer of clay and concrete building products, employing over 2600 people in the UK and US with annual sales of almost £430m. Lockhart Garratt Ltd (LG) has worked alongside Ibstock’s planning and estates managers since 2013.

maltby-2The Quarry in Yorkshire is a strategic clay reserve for Ibstock. The ownership includes 15 ha of young to mature broadleaf woodland as former screening and restoration plantations. In winter 2013/14, severe storms caused damage to trees in the north of England and the mature poplar at the Site did not escape the battering with some limbs shed and trees falling. Ibstock wanted to respond immediately in clearing damaged trees in proximity to public paths and a haulage yard, so appointed LG to manage contractors in the short term and were also keen to take a more pro-active approach to tree H&S and woodland management on the site.

maltby-3LG and Ibstock identified a standard planning requirement to inform the local authority of forthcoming woodland work and LG confirmed the need to secure permission from the Forestry Commission (FC) before felling growing trees. Looking at both the short term and potential longer term challenges LGL recommended the production an overarching 10 year woodland management plan.

Following discussions with the FC the options for phased felling and replanting of the now over-mature poplar woodland were discussed in the context of the whole site, giving consideration to minimising impacts on the local landscape and wildlife habitat by a positive programme of structured thinning, coppicing and planting works.
LG secured part funding from the FC for the production of the Management Plan and on approval of the document, provided a 10 year felling licence to implement the scheduled work.

maltby-4LG also undertook a comprehensive tree survey of the site to identify any remaining H&S works and provided advice on how to implement the felling work, including use of forestry contractors alongside tree surgeons to control cost.

The breadth of skills within the Minerals and Waste business unit include woodland management, tree H&S, planning review, negotiation with statutory authorities and budgeting / implementation of habitat management.

If you require professional support with restoration and site management then please call our Senior Forestry & Environmental Consultant Robin Truslove on 01536 408840.

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