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Thinking outside the box; could off-site mitigation offer a solution?

Client: Forterra Building Products Ltd

Forterra is a leading manufacturer of building products for the UK’s construction industry. Since Lockhart Garratt (LG) was formed in 1998, our team have been working with Land, Planning and Quarry Managers at Forterra on a wide range of active and restored sites across the UK.

The LG team were tasked with providing a solution for visual screening of a quarry extension for one of their long term sites in Wales.

The particular challenge on this site was the potential sterilisation of the resource to accommodate the required landscape screening.

Forterra had been in discussions with neighbouring properties with regards site screening to address concerns in the planning process for the extension of the quarry. As party to these discussions we identified the opportunity to establish woodland screening on the neighbouring property thereby addressing the required screening off-site and providing the adjacent owner with new amenity woodland designed to enhance and complement their property. The agreement included the woodland asset remaining in the ownership of the resident to screen their view and that of other neighbouring properties with all costs were be cover by the quarry operator. Establishment costs were mitigated on the basis that funding for the woodland creation was also secured through the Forestry Commission.

Through careful partnership working and innovative solution focussed thinking LG prevented the potential sterilisation of the mineral resource and also strengthened the relationship between the two parties.

LGL’s links with owners of rural land and our understanding of the opportunities and constraints associated with development allow us to develop effective solutions for a range of land owners and professionals.

For help on off-site mitigation and minerals planning consultation call Robin Truslove on 01536 408840.

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