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Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey to Support Expansion of Existing School

We were commissioned by Lend Lease to provide landscape architecture, arboricultural and ecological support in relation to the expansion of the existing school.

Our ecological scope of works comprised the survey of the site and production of an Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey Report, Ecological Enhancement and Management Plan and Great Crested Newt Survey Report.  This scope of works also included Ecological Clerks of Works supervision, which is ongoing.

Our landscape scope of works comprised the preparation of a detailed landscaping scheme for the existing and new elements of the school, which met the requirements of visual amenity, biodiversity gain and which met the Local Authority’s strict requirements for non-harmful species.  The landscaping scheme included tree, shrub and herbaceous elements, and detailed prescriptions for landscape creation and maintenance.

Our arboricultural scope of works comprised the assessment of the site’s tree resource and production of a Tree Constraints Plan, Tree Protection Plan and Arboricultural Implications Assessment in compliance with planning conditions and BS5837:2012.

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