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Ecological Scope of Works to Support Redevelopment of Vehicle Depot

We were commissioned by Greatline Developments Ltd, and subsequently Willowbrook Construction Ltd, to provide landscape architecture, arboricultural and ecological support in relation to the redevelopment of this former vehicle depot site.

The evolution of the site to a new distribution facility included warehouse building, access infrastructure, land remodelling and the introduction of a sustainable urban drainage system.

Our scope of works comprised the preparation of a detailed landscaping scheme for the proposed development, which met ecological BREEAM criteria in terms of species gain and provided appropriate landscaping for the following elements of the site:

  • The main approach and office car park, where visual attractiveness is the most important objective. Here a naturalistic woodland approach was created, using native trees, shrubs and ground cover.
  • The sustainable urban drainage system, working alongside our ecologists to ensure maximum gain from this new wetland habitat. This included the specification of new areas of wet woodland and grassland, as well as aquatic marginal vegetation.
  • The re-vegetation of the screening bund which separates the site from the A14, following bund remodelling to increase height. This required the creation of a low-maintenance solution which would effectively screen the proposed building whilst providing bund stability, year-round visual interest and habitat gain.

The landscape scope of works also included the contribution to a Combined Landscape and Ecological Management Plan, which sets out a clear and deliverable strategy for the ongoing management of the site’s green infrastructure to achieve multiple objectives.

Our ecological scope of works included the following elements:


  • Comprehensive habitat and species survey of the site and associated reporting.
  • Management of the ecological issues in relation to the clearance of the existing spinney, including bat mitigation measures, surveying and supervision of works.
  • Preparation of vegetation removal plans to inform the planning process, in tandem with our landscape architects.
    Calculation and maximisation of ecological BREEAM scoring, working alongside our landscape architects.
  • Facilitating stakeholder consultation with Natural England and the local Wildlife Trust throughout the planning process.

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