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Green Infrastructure Study

Client: East Staffordshire District Council

We were selected as green infrastructure specialists by lead consultants Faber Maunsell on this project, on account of the quality of previously completed instructions, and also the particular tree and woodland focus of this project, as part of the Borough falls within the National Forest.

Our role was to undertake the specialist green infrastructure aspects, including the design of the study methodology and preparation of all written output. The two main objectives were to prepare a green infrastructure study for the Borough to inform the Local Development Framework process, and to provide advice on the delivery of green infrastructure improvements into the future.

Data was collected under various strategic themes including: Landscape Character, Biodiversity and Geodiversity, Trees and Woodland, Historic Environment, Natural Processes and Environmental Systems, Recreation and Tourism and Access and Movement. This data was presented graphically and key trends were identified and summarised. Layering of data using a GIS package was also used to identify any correlations.

The collected data was analysed in terms of its connectivity and multi-functionality using a custom scoring methodology developed by us. Through this process an existing green infrastructure network of strategic nodes and corridors of differing value were identified and mapped. This network was in turn analysed to identify future needs and opportunities for the Borough to address through its spatial planning process.

A long term green infrastructure vision was prepared for the Borough to steer long term spatial policy, along with a series of green infrastructure standards for sustainable development. Where needs and opportunities had been identified through the analysis process, a suite of outline projects were recommended to address these, for example urban park diversification and new strategic access route creation. Delivery considerations also included potential sources of both capital and revenue funding going forward, and recommended potential green infrastructure delivery partners.

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