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Defence Infrastructure Organisations, Dalton Barracks

Strategic Development Area – Promotion of Large Scale Residential Development in Oxfordshire

Key Features

  • Site releases from Green Belt for 4500 residential units, community facilities, employment uses and a Country Park, linear parks, green corridors, woodland and wetland areas   
  • Landscape led approach   
  • Green infrastructure at the centre of the design           
  • Informal and formal recreational spaces   
  • Site borders a SSSI   
  • Robust ecological buffer     
  • Woodland creation (14ha broadleave, 12ha wet woodland and 6ha community orchard)   
  • Improved connectivity through a strong network of green corridors and linear parks   
  • Creation of new wetland habitats


The site was promoted for allocation within the West Oxfordshire District Councils Local Plan 2031 seeking the sites release from the Green Belt and allocation for up to 4500 residential units alongside new community facilities, employment uses and a Country Park, linear parks, green corridors, woodland and wetland areas.

Lockhart Garratt have been involved from the outset, promoting a landscape led approach with green infrastructure at the centre of the design from the initial concept stage.  Developing the broad principles and framework for a development which places access to open space and green infrastructure at the heart of the community.

As a key member of the consultant team we have emphasised the need for quality, and the need to ensure that the delivery of the proposed green infrastructure is managed in a way that remains true to the original design principles, by advocating a ‘master builder’ approach.

One of the key components of our green infrastructure proposals for the site is the delivery of circa 100 hectares of Country Park, incorporating the existing calcareous grassland as part of which occupies the airfield to preserve the biodiversity value.

New parkland tree planting is also proposed alongside a network of informal paths and trails which provide access to various informal and formal recreational spaces, fitness trails and nature walks.

The site borders a SSSI and we have incorporated a robust ecological buffer along the north western boundary which we hope to gift to the Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust to help further improve biodiversity and preserve a degree of separation between the Country Park and the SSSI.

The proposals seek to create circa 14 hectares of broadleaved woodland, 12 hectares of wet woodland (in the vicinity of the SSSI) and 6 hectares of community orchard.

A network of green corridors and linear parks provide direct access to open space within the heart of the development, improving connectivity between residential areas, community facilities and employment uses, as well as providing access to public transport links to Abingdon and Oxford.

These green corridors will provide opportunities for informal and formal play, access to high quality public realm including market and event space and will facilitate easy access to the wider Country Park.

The green corridors form main connective spaces within the development area, bringing open space and green infrastructure into the development area and creating an attractive and integrated green setting to the development

The scheme also promotes the creation of new wetland habitats included ponds and reed beds fed by a network of swales as part of the Sustainable Urban Drainage System.  These are to be promoted primarily as ecological enhancements with limited public access.  Again, opportunities for education will be sought with supervised access to the wetland areas provided in conjunction with the proposed school facilities.

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