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Visual Impact Assessment

Client / Site: Corona Properties Ltd / The Beacon, Hemel Hempstead

Corona Properties Ltd commissioned us to undertake a Visual Impact Assessment of their proposed development in Hemel Hempstead. The proposal was for a 16 storey mixed use building located within sight of Registered Common Land and the metropolitan Green Belt, as well as one of the main approaches to the town.

In order to objectively demonstrate the impact this building would have upon the landscape we prepared several visualisation images. This is done by taking a photograph from a pre-determined point and then using specific rendering software to insert an accurate scaled model of the proposed development into the view. This process allowed us to prepare a fully informed Impact Assessment supported with ‘before and after’ images. This evidence was then used to reinforce the case put forward to the Planning Committee and clearly define the relationship that the proposed building would have with the existing townscape setting.

The decision to grant planning permission has been delegated to the head of planning recognition of the strategic regeneration benefit that the proposal offers to this key gateway to the town, identified in part through the Visual Impact Assessment.

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