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Effective Resilient Screening on a Budget

Client: Bovingdon Brickworks Ltd

It doesn’t need to be expensive!

mechanzed-tree-planter-donisthorpe_4-jalBovingdon Brickworks are well known for producing visually appealing handmade bricks for high quality and bespoke development projects. Situated in the Chilterns AONB, the brickworks is located within an important natural landscape.

Working in conjunction with Mike Chamley Associates, Lockhart Garratt (LG) were asked by Bovingdon Brickworks to find a solution which ensured their 12ha quarry extension was effectively screened and mitigated to secure prompt consent in planning. This demanded an innovative and economic approach to meet Bovingdon’s requirements for a strong landscaping product alongside cost controlled implementation and aftercare.

bov-3LG first undertook a detailed site assessment including soils, locally indigenous species, climatic conditions and Forestry Commission guidance. This determined the appropriate planting species for the site to ensure effective growth and establishment for visual screening, also taking account of the need for alternative species, which would be resilient in the long term to the pressures of pests and diseases associated with future climate change predictions.

Fast growing pioneer species such as birch and alder were used on the margins, to provide prompt early screening with species such as oak, chestnut and hornbeam forming the main structure of the woodland for canopy height and long term presence in the landscape.

bov-1To maximise the screening potential, whilst providing a significant cost saving, LG refined the plant density to further strengthen the screening ability by focussing closer spacing in key locations, such as inter-planting at the site edges. A proportion of 2-3m tall standards were planted within central areas to provide an early landscape presence.

By appointing LG at the planning stage, Bovingdon Brickworks increased the effectiveness of the screening woodland but were also able to make a substantial cost saving and ensure that the woodland has a long term resilience to climate change.

To discuss cost saving opportunities for your landscaping, call Robin Truslove on 01536 408840.

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