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Ancient Woodland in the Chilterns

bluebell3Thanks to our partnership with the Woodland Trust, we can now offer eligible woodland owners a FREE survey and written report identifying and assessing their ancient woodland, particularly;

  • Ancient woodland with invasions of non-native plants.
  • Conifer PAWS.

This project is primarily focused on PAWS woodland and aims to identify and map historically significant woodland features or “remnants”.

“Remnants” are woodland features that say something about the woodland’s history. This could be a carpet of wood sorrel and wood anemone, a veteran tree, historic deadwood or an archaeological feature.

Project Aim Project Result
  • Survey and assess ancient woodland.
  • Identify risks and opportunities.
  • Address challenges e.g. disease, climate change and lack of management.
  • Landowners fully informed of their resource.
  • Safeguarding and improvement.
  • Ensuring viability and economic sustainability into the future.

capp-report-cover-1-1The information in the report can inform future planning and management whether you already have a management plan in place, are developing one, or are planning to.

If you own woodland that you either know or suspect is ancient of PAWS please do not hesitate to get in touch for further information.

“Ancient Woodland are irreplaceable and deserve care and protection”.*

For more information please contact Justin Mumford or Daniel Small on 01536 408840.

*Quotation: Woodland Trust, Guide no. 1, Ancient Woodland Restoration: Principles of restoration management, August 2015, Page 2.

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