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The success of the excellent Accelerating Woodland Conference at the end of March, and the fact that we have had to postpone all events for the foreseeable, have led us to review how we could provide some forums for training and discussion.

We are currently developing a series of free webinars to bring to your home over the coming weeks, to hopefully provide some useful learning as well as a change from the physical isolation of home working.

These webinars will provide an update on a focused topic from the leading experts both within the Lockhart Garratt team and the wider sector.

The programme and logistics are currently being finalised, but we are hoping to cover a diverse range of topics including: biodiversity and environmental net gain, woodland creation, woodland carbon, tree risk management, natural capital assessment and natural regeneration.  The full programme and details on how to book will shortly be posted on our website, and we very much hope that you will be able to join us for what should be some very interesting and informative sessions.


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