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John Lockhart, Chairman

In an article prepared for Forestry Journal, September 2018 edition; John Lockhart looks into the action being taken to address the issues of declining forests.

“The last 12 months have been a turning point for forestry, with the planting of two new major new forests in the north of England.  In March, the first of more than 660,000 trees were planted to mark the beginning of what will soon be the largest new forest planted in England for 30 years, at Doddington North Moor, an 875-acre site in Northumberland.  In addition, the planting of Jack’s Wood, a 170-hectare site on the Lowther Estate, south of Penrith, will involve the planting of more than 210,000 trees, a substantial proportion of which will be productive conifers.


However, these projects come on the back of 2016, the worst year for planting on record, with planting of just 582 hectares.  Furthermore, organisations such as the Woodland Trust reported that the UK was on the cusp of returning to a position of nett deforestation.”


To read the full article click here.

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