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HS2 Woodland Fund is open for applications

The HS2 Woodland Fund is open to woodland creation and PAWS restoration applications for planting in winter 2021/22.  That might seem a long way off, but applying now (before 27 November) to get an agreement by Spring next year, would leave you plenty of time to arrange plant supply and contractors afterwards.  Remember that the golden rule of grant schemes is that no work (including ordering plants) can take place before you formally enter an grant agreement, so planning ahead to get an agreement in place well before the planting season makes a lot of sense!  Get in touch with your local Woodland Officer or email for more information.

In addition, speak to a member of our Forestry Team to discuss how we can support you with your application, woodland creation and management going forward.


(News item originally included in Forestry Commission Grant and Regulations eAlert dated 02/09/2020)

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