How much do you know about the fascinating and dynamic grassland systems found on the tidal zones of many of the UK’s major estuaries? Saltmarsh is the connecting habitat between the marine and terrestrial zones of influence and provides vital wildlife resources for wading birds, flood protection and water filtration. Recent studies have shown that saltmarshes are a significant habitat for storing and sequestering carbon (known as blue carbon in such habitats).

Despite these recent findings, saltmarshes are sensitive and are threatened by unchecked coastal development and intensive agricultural conversion. Most saltmarshes are legally protected in the UK and careful coastal planning can bring considerable wildlife benefits through creating and restoring saltmarsh habitat.

If you would like to know more about how we can support your coastal projects, please do contact our Principal Consultant, Thomas Haynes, who has considerable experience of the management and assessment of saltmarsh and other coastal habitats, which includes his project to map all of Scotland’s saltmarshes which included 7,000ha of saltmarsh spread across over 300 sites.

Click here to read the Scottish saltmarsh survey national report.

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