The parcel contains 45 logs and is for sale as one lot measured at 3,022.45 Hft by the felling contractor and verified by the agent.  The fellers measure can be downloaded here together with a selection of photographs representative of the logs included in the sale.  The logs are of good quality and the parcel contains examples of burr and pippy stems.

The timber was felled in late November 2018 under Felling Licence.  The logs have been presented on bearers and numbered with orange paint, 1 – 45 (with any other markings to be disregarded) with logs 13 and 20 being second lengths.  The timber is presented at two locations, a few hundred metres apart.  Access for viewing and uplift in both cases will be over a short length of agricultural headland directly adjacent to the public highway.  It is anticipated that uplift will be made in liaison with the Farm Manager at the estate.

Viewing of the parcel is by appointment only and pre-arranged with Rik Metcalfe (01536 408840) and the merchant must be in possession of this documentation when viewing the parcel.  Offers are to be made on a lump sum basis and VAT will be applicable.

There is no authorised public access within the Estate woodland or at the timber landing points, but there is a low level of local use of Public Rights of Way surrounding the area and as such unofficial parking and access does take place immediately adjacent to the public highway bisecting the site. Hauliers/ operators working on behalf of the successful bidder must remain highly vigilant when undertaking uplift operations and every effort will be made by them to ensure both theirs and the public’s and Estate staff safety during these operations. Industry Best Practice must be followed at all times and as such I refer you to FISA guides 802 (Emergency Planning), 805 (Training and Certification) and the FISA Forest Haulage Safety Manual (v3, Jan 2018), and the Timber Transport Forum’s Road Haulage of Round Timber code of practice (4th ed.), all of which are available for viewing via the FISA website.

It is requested that any expressions of interest are received on or before Monday 14th of January 2019 to [email protected] 

Lump sum offers are to be received by Friday 25th of January 2019.  It is expected that the timber shall be uplifted by the successful bidder by the 18th of March 2019 (subject to access being suitable for uplift) and not before payment is made in full.

If you have any further questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact Rik Metcalfe on 01536 408840.

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