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Great Crested Newt

During our free technical ecological workshops, we have identified that the issue most attendees face is understanding the key timings for surveys.  As we all know, get these survey timings wrong, and you may just experience delays with your planning applications and Natural England license applications.

Our workshops aim to provide attendees with a wide-ranging technical understanding of how these issues should be best approached through the planning process.  When asked whether our attendees found the events useful 100% answered that they were either excellent or very good, and 93% agreed the information provided was very useful.

Our next workshop is on the 18th April, further information can be found here.

With timings in mind the next key survey season is for Great Crested Newts.  Surveys have to be undertaken during mid-March to mid-June, therefore it is important to contact your Ecological Consultant as soon as possible to get your surveys booked in, allowing them enough time to arrange access to ponds and to plan around the weather.

Our Ecology team are always on hand to answer you ecological questions so please do give them a call on 01536 408840.

As a useful tool a calendar of all ecological survey timings can be downloaded from our website.

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