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The Forestry Commission is supporting some independent research into the motivations for planting woodland with grant support.   As part of the research, they are requesting that landowners complete a no obligation 11 statement survey, which should take around 10 minutes to complete.

The research is exploring attitudes towards woodland creation, and the motivations behind the decision to change land use. The questionnaires will be considered anonymously, and analysed alongside answers from both recipients and non-recipients of woodland creation grants.

The results will be reported back to the Forestry Commission and the wider forestry sector, and it is hoped that the findings will help inform the development of future woodland creation incentives.

If you are viewing this as an owner’s agent or for land which you bought with a previously established woodland creation grant (i.e. having been through the Forestry Commission’s succession process for the land), please could you forward the questionnaire to the original land owner. If you are in contact with other landowners who you feel may be interested to contribute to the research, please contact the email address below.

In order to prevent any possible breach of data protection legislation, no participant identifying information will be used in the research unless you have explicitly agreed to this by completing the “opt in” details to contribute to a follow-up telephone discussion about the questions.  Any personal information you do provide to the researcher will be held by the researcher on their own account, not the Forestry Commission, and will be destroyed at the end of the research project.

If you have any queries regarding the enclosed questionnaire, its analysis or results, or would simply like further information, please call Miles Drury 0300 067 4913 /


Click here to access the questionnaire.

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