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Thomas Haynes

Who are you?  I’m Thomas Haynes and I’m the Principal Ecologist and Ecological Business Unit Manager.

What do you do?  I oversee our team of consultant ecologists across our two offices in Chipping Norton (Oxfordshire) and Corby (Northamptonshire).  I also manage various ecological projects ranging from developing method statements for innovative bat mitigation designs as part of engineering projects, to supporting stakeholder engagement on complex ecological matters in relation to grassland systems.  I also conduct ecological expert witness work and conduct coastal habitat monitoring.  Furthermore, I am responsible for managing the Ecology department’s finances, project budgets, recruitment of new team members, the management of sub-contractors, client and stakeholder liaison, health and safety of ecology team members, and the acquisition of new projects.

I also offer ecological support to our other service areas including Forestry, Arboriculture, Minerals & Waste Restoration, and Landscape & Green Infrastructure.

Tom in the Brecklands

What projects are you interested to be involved with?  I love complex projects that require innovative ecological solutions.  If you come to me with a challenging ecological problem, then I will quickly start thrashing out a plan to meet the objectives of the project.  Habitat and landscape scale projects interest me most, particularly grassland and coastal habitats.

Favourite LG moment to date?  A thoroughly enjoyable day spent assessing the meadow systems across The Brecklands and investigating the various grasses and flowering plants and comparing the findings against baseline data for the area.  The estate we are working with has a significant land holding and gets involved in some very interesting work in an amazing part of the UK.

Tom’s One Man Band ‘Grasslands’

What are your interests and hobbies?  In my spare time I record and perform music in various bands including my solo act ‘Grasslands’ which has an ecological theme.  I also write stories and build dioramas and various models which I make as commissions and exhibit at shows.


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