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Who are you?  I am Simon Muddiman and I have worked for Lockhart Garratt since 2007.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in Art and Design and a Post Graduate Degree in Landscape Architecture.  I originally began working for Lockhart Garratt in the Cartography department, assisting with GIS and AutoCAD plans.  Over the past 11 years I have developed my skills in ArcGIS, PhotoShop, Illustrator, Indesign and in multi-disciplinary projects, and qualified as a Landscape Architect.


What do you do?  As a Landscape Architect I create landscape designs from pre-concept to detailed specifications for large commercial sites, residential developments and public open spaces.

As a Cartographer I provide a mapping and GIS service to other business units within the Company, in particular for the Ecology business unit, where I create Phase 1 Habitat Surveys and Protected Species Mitigation Plans.


Clark’s Trading Post, White Mountains, New Hampshire

What projects are you interested to be involved with?  I find the wide range of projects with which I am involved in across the company to be of great interest, where no two projects are ever the same.  One of the most interesting projects I recently worked on, was to prepare a suite of concept design drawings for a nationally important World War 2 site.  The interesting history behind this site allowed me to use some really unique concept designs.


Favourite LG moment to date?  Completing my Post-graduate Diploma in Landscape Architecture from Birmingham University and being able to put what I learnt into practice within my projects here at Lockhart Garratt.


Mount Washington, New Hampshire September 2017

What are you interests and hobbies?  I have a few interests; Cult and B films, especially the transgressive cult films of John Waters.  I also enjoy travelling, walking, photographing and documenting brutalist architecture.

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