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Who are you?   My name is Natasha Hannah-Lyons and I am an Assistant Ecological Assistant based within the Ecology Business Unit in the Corby Office of Lockhart Garratt (LG). I graduated from the University of Northampton in July 2017 with a FdSc in Countryside and Wildlife Management and am currently awaiting my results for my BSc in Land Management that I completed at the end of May 2018. I was fortunate enough to be offered work experience at LG in 2016, which in 2017 developed into a part-time position working through their Graduate Training Programme (GTP)  This year I formally completed the GTP and received a promotion to a full-time Assistant Ecological Consultant.  LG was extremely supportive during my studies and my internal training, especially my fellow ecologists.  I really am lucky to be part of such an amazing team.


What do you do?   My role can involve a lot of time out in the field completing habitat classifications, fauna and flora identification and recording data on protected species that may be present on the range of sites that we can be asked to assist on. I have to work alongside our clients to help them achieve their goals whilst ensuring that all their legal and moral responsibilities to our landscape and wildlife are upheld. The other side to my role is presenting all the collated information in a detailed and accessible report that may be used to inform local planners, architects and members of the public.


What project have you found particularly interesting to be involved with?   A few of our recent projects have involved extensions or redevelopment of local schools and a colleague and myself were asked back to one of the schools to help them, with additional help from some of their pupils to carry out some management to their wildlife pond that had become swamped with weed. It was really nice to be able to educate the next generation of future ecologists and give them advice on how the school could improve their pond to benefit more wildlife in the future.

Wren (left) and Mum, Teal

Dragon Boat Race 2017


What has been your favourite Lockhart Garratt moment to date?   That’s a hard question to answer as there is always something happening in and out of the office! Whether it’s a bake sale, craft afternoons, permanent puzzle station, dragon boat racing or getting out walking across Northamptonshire to raise money for charity there are too many things to try and just pick one moment. I also get to see some amazing places across the local counties and my favourites are the places that are hidden away with amazing histories and tales to tell from the past.


What are your interests and hobbies?   Having been in education full time for the last three years and working part time alongside my education commitments I haven’t had a lot of time to partake in many of my interests and hobbies. Now that University has finished I am going to try and spend more time out walking with the dogs and enjoying anything crafty, focusing on woodcraft or textiles.

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