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Liz McGhee

Who are you?  My name is Liz McGhee, and I am the Receptionist/Office Administrator for the Northamptonshire office.  Some may say I am the face of the company as I will be the first person to greet you with a welcoming smile and a cup of tea when visiting the office.

What do you do? In addition to my standard Receptionist duties, I also provide additional support to the Practitioners and Finance Team, as well supporting the main day-to-day running of the Northamptonshire office.  These additional duties include supplier liaison, processing of sales invoices, supporting timber collections, maintaining the phone systems, company purchasing and managing any office repairs.

Some may say that you can quite easily see yourself as ‘just a Receptionist’ but this isn’t the case working here at LG.  All of the staff make you feel like an integral part of the LG family, and this has been reassured on many occasions over the years when I have been voted by staff as ‘the most helpful’, ‘the person people would most like to work with’ and more, during our end of year staff awards ceremony.

Liz supporting Road Safety Awareness Week

What projects are you interested to be involved with?  As a Receptionist I don’t generally get involved with client projects, however I do support the Royal Forestry Society’s (RFS) Midland Division Honorary Secretary with the day-to-day administration.  This includes maintaining the members database ensuring it complies to GDPR regulations, preparation for and attendance at all RFS field meetings and winter lectures, and dealing with any RFS related enquiries that are directed to the office.  I have held this role for 10 years and am delighted to have met some wonderful people along the way.

Favourite LG moment to date?  I have experienced some fantastic moments during my time at LG, but one that really sticks in my mind is when the whole team spent the weekend at the Peak District.  It was lovely to spend some quality time getting to know my colleagues better, and the weather and walking just helped to make it a great weekend.

Some may say I really embrace the enjoyment part of LG’s culture, and on many occasions when visiting the office you may find me dressed up as a Reindeer, Elf or Santa, or even a police car on Road Safety Awareness week.

Liz’s Boat

What are your interests and hobbies?  Where do I start?  At weekends you can either find me in the garden enjoying the sunshine with a cup of coffee, or tending to my vegetable patch.  I also sail local rivers in my seaboat, preparing myself to take the big stead on sailing the seas later this year.  I am lucky enough to be blessed with 7 nieces and nephews, which I spend as much time with as possible taking them on holidays and enjoying many adventures.  I also enjoy a good box set, and have recently got very involved with Prison Break and Game of Thrones.

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