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Elliot Williams

Who are you?  My name is Elliot Williams and I am a Graduate Ecological Consultant based at the Chipping Norton office. I studied BSc Environmental Science and graduated from University in July 2017.


What do you do?  Much of my time is spent in the field completing protected species surveys. When in the office my work typically consists of filing survey data, writing fee proposals for clients and assisting my colleagues with the production of ecological reports.


Studying nature with Dad

What project have you found particularly interesting to be involved with?  We have been monitoring bat activity at a disused railway tunnel built in the 19th century, which is to be converted into an aerodynamic wind tunnel for motor testing. The tunnel is 2km long and it was a real eye opener to see the large scaled and varied the development projects Lockhart Garratt are involved with.


What has been your favourite Lockhart Garratt moment to date?  Two moments really stick in my memory. One was seeing a badger leave its sett during a bat transect and the other is witnessing a barn owl flying out of an old horse stable from just a few metres away shortly before a bat emergence survey. Nature never disappoints!


Following Chelsea with Mum

What are your interests and hobbies?  I am a huge sports fan and much of my time is spent following Chelsea home and away. During the summer months I also enjoy attending cricket test matches. Outside of sport I frequently go to rock gigs with my partner and go nature watching across the country with my parents.

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