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Who are you?   I am Cheryl Lundberg and I have worked for Lockhart Garratt (LG) for 4 years. I am a Senior Forestry Consultant within the Forestry and Woodland Management (FWM) team.


What do you do?   I work on wide-range of projects which include: private owners of individual woodlands, traditional lowland wooded estates, councils, charities and educational establishments. Within our team we provide advice on woodland and plantation management, including woodland survey, writing management plans, securing grant aid and managing all of the associated management operations on the ground.  Whilst I sit within the Forestry and Woodland Management Team, I regularly work with colleagues in other teams such as Ecology and Arboriculture to jointly deliver multi-disciplinary projects

Within the business itself I sit on a Senior Leadership Team and help to develop company initiatives such as developing our Investors in People standards. Our company are signed up to the MIND mental health charity – Time 2 Change pledge and I support this within LG by volunteering as a Mental Health Champion.  I am taking on the management of the FWM team and so to help develop my skills and knowledge I am studying Level 5 in Leadership and Management, working towards chartered status.


What projects are you interested to be involved with?   I really enjoy the wide variety of projects, locations and clients so it is difficult to single-out one project.  An interesting project recently was the thinning of woodland which surrounds a golf course.  This was a technically challenging project which involved good planning and delivery using working techniques to avoid damaging the historic parkland stone wall, managing the safety of the course with minimal disruption to members and achieving a manicured finish.  There were some very tight working conditions, however the contracting team worked safely and methodically with a variety of machinery.  The work has secured the mature wooded belts by focusing on the removal of diseased and weak Ash, as well as creating opportunities for the next generation of trees.  What really underpinned the practical success of this job was the strong dialogue maintained between LG, the contracting team and the Head Keeper of the club in particular.  The golf club staff team were an absolute pleasure to work with and this project was a great example of safe collaborative working.  Another key success of securing the landscape function of these peripheral woodland belts is work which was undertaken 20 years ago to establish drifts of new planting along the edges of the more mature woodland.  These plantations have really come into their own and are contributing to a more diverse age (and species) structure.

I like to keep an open mind on my approach to woodland management and I particularly enjoy the work which takes place on an estate I support in West Berkshire.  The team there are keen to incorporate species diversity into their woodland restocking, and the variety of stand types allows for using a variety of management techniques.  Likewise, I work with a woodland owner in North Lincolnshire who is gradually developing his skills and knowledge in woodland management.  It will be great to support this owner in taking on elements of the practical management of his own woodland as he plans for his retirement from ‘the day job’.


Cheryl & her son Charlie on the company weekend to Wales, Sep 2016

Favourite LG moment to date?   Perhaps the most unusual was finding myself bouncing on enormous underground trampolines in an old slate mine in Snowdonia with the LGL team and families. I organised a company away weekend and this was one of the amusing but bizarre activities we took part in.  I was also really delighted to achieve Chartered Status through the Institute of Chartered Foresters in my second year here.


What are your interests and hobbies?   Those who know me… know that I am serial ‘hobbiest’.  Life is too short for just a few hobbies.  It is probably easier to the list the things I have never managed to master, which include: golf (only play a few times a year), whittling (some very fancy kindling goes on my fire but I have never created anything I would dare present to anyone as a gift), Uniciycle (I gave up on this after hurting myself a few times last year but I will drag it out of the garage in the New Year and head to a soft-surface playground); Hockey (I join in with the ‘parents training’ of my son’s local team); bread baking (my friend is a fantastic baker and a great teacher.  I’m  doing quite well under her guidance and occasionally my family benefit from a hand-made bread ‘bake-fest’).  I don’t do New Year resolutions but the next beckoning challenge is to be able to do a hand-stand.  I’d love to get back to some dinghy sailing which I used to enjoy with my folks back up in the north east.  A few more days in the week would be useful and a good crash helmet.


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