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Andy Poynter

Who are you?  I am Andy Poynter, Principal Arboricultural Consultant and based at the Northamptonshire office.  I am a Fellow of the Arboricultural Association and a Chartered Arboriculturist.

What do you do?  Arboriculturist’s principally look after trees in the built environment, managing their relationship with people and structures, so anything that fits that description will occupy me and it’s the variety that keeps it interesting.

The two main areas of work are the integration of existing trees into proposed development sites and managing risk for tree owners and or managers.  With 25 years’ experience in the industry I have seen and used advances in technology and techniques that increase opportunities for tree retention.

Stewarding at the South of England Show

What projects are you interested to be involved with?  My favourite projects are those where I’m involved early and see them through to completion.  Whilst this is readily achievable on the tree risk management work it is less easy on development sites, mainly because they can get sold during the process and the design team don’t always get retained.

With increasing pressures on trees from development it is always interesting to be involved with projects where more complex solutions are required.  These days the incorporation of specialist supported or cantilevered foundations and low impact non-invasive surfacing are commonplace.  We often get involved supervising these installations on sites to ensure the tree is effectively protected.

I have found that developers are increasingly working around and retaining trees, primarily because of house-buyers favouring mature trees within the setting so consequently adding value.

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Favourite LG moment to date?  I have only been with Lockhart Garratt since the beginning of the year but it immediately started with Tree Health and Risk Management Workshops with delivery partner the Country Landowners Association (CLA).  A common theme was the management of (Chalara) Ash Dieback and how both landowners and practitioners deliver this in a balanced way.

This has led to the production of Lockhart Garratt’s ‘Advice to Clients’ booklet (and download) that I have been very much involved with.  Seeing that launched is my favourite moment to date.

Monty, awaiting guests

What are your interests and hobbies?  Since moving to Northamptonshire there has been too much decorating and various home improvements to keep on top of, but in between times I enjoy having friends and family to stay and getting out walking Monty, my Cocker Spaniel dog.

I enjoy attending shows, having been involved with the organisation of shows and events since being in Young Farmers and subsequent organisations including the Arboricultural Association.  I do enjoy going as a visitor but I often still get involved somehow by either helping or stewarding, and even judging for the first time this year!

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