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Who are you?

My name is Andrew Harper, I am a Forestry Assistant within the Forestry and Woodland Management team.  I joined Lockhart Garratt in July 2021, having spent nearly 20 years working within commercial banking, prior to completing a post graduate course in Forestry & Woodland Management at Harper Adams University in 2019/20. 

What do you do?

Although having recently joined the team I have been fortunate to work alongside experienced colleagues to understand the key stages of the creation and management of woodlands, from the identification of suitable sites for planting through to the sustainable harvesting of timber.  With Lockhart Garratt having complementary business units I will also be involved in the Soils and Land Restoration function from a woodland perspective, alongside the increasing opportunities for woodland creation as part of biodiversity and environmental net gain obligations.     

What projects have you found particularly interesting to be involved in? 

With my financial background I am naturally drawn to understanding the economics of woodland creation and how the ecosystem services delivered, including carbon sequestration, are increasingly defined and rewarded.  The level of expertise colleagues have in the design and establishment phase has been great to witness, as it demonstrates these are new woodlands that will deliver environmental, social and economic value for generations to come.  From speaking with experienced foresters, I know they take great pride in revisiting woodlands they were involved in planting and seeing the resulting landscape benefit, I hope to have those same experiences moving forward.

What has been your favourite Lockhart Garratt moment to date?

Within my first week of starting the role I met a contractor who it transpired had harvested the Douglas fir we had recently used at home for the construction of an outbuilding.  This first-hand insight of meeting someone involved in home grown timber moving from a woodland compartment through to use as an end product in our own garden was a very tangible connection to the timber supply chain. 

What are your interests and hobbies?

I am a lifelong mountain biker and relatively recent recruit into road biking, mostly within my home patch of Shropshire and surrounding counties but I was fortunate to experience Slovenia back in 2018, a country that certainly reinforced my interest in progressing forestry as a profession.  Our daughters Erin and Izzy are also keen on spending time outdoors although they seem to be favouring my wife Gemma’s love of horse riding rather than mountain biking, but I am sure they will see the light!

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